Community Room Policy

Updated April of 2022

Use of the Community Room

The Lake Region Public Library provides a Community Room for use by the library, municipal, county, & state government, and the general public, subject to the following policies.


-All scheduling will be made through the library staff. Patrons may fill out a reservation form via the website, in-person, or over the phone by calling 701-662-2220. Reservations may be made up to one year in advance. The Community Room will be available during library’s scheduled hours (though availability of the room may extend beyond normal library hours). The library reserves the right to cancel any booking with as much notice as is practicable, considering the circumstances that might require such a decision.

-Bookings will be confirmed or denied in-person, by telephone, or by email, once the completed reservation form is submitted.

-Capacity: The Community Room seats 24 comfortably around four 5-ft wide tables; seating for 40 can be accommodated with the tables removed; maximum capacity is 50 persons, seated or otherwise.

Equipment and Fees

-Use of the tables and chairs in the community room are free of charge. The use of the projector and/or DVD player are also free of charge. However, if the room requires a special setup that takes significant staff time to complete (significant meaning one hour or longer), there will be a $10 fee assessed. Fees are payable by cash or check.

General Information

-The Lake Region Public Library is a public facility built and maintained by the taxpayers of the City of Devils Lake and Ramsey County, and by private contributions. The Community Room is used primarily in support of the library’s programs.

-When the Community Room is not being used for library programs, it is available to groups, organizations, and individuals according to these policies.

-Community Room use must not disrupt or conflict with regular library operations and services. On this basis, requests for use may be denied or asked to reschedule.

-Users of the Community Room may not charge fees or admission and/or participation except in the instance of tuition charged by established educational institutions and/or nominal fees by non-profit organizations to recover costs. This must be indicated on the application.

-Use of the Community Room does not constitute endorsement of the beliefs, viewpoints, policies, or affiliations of the user(s) by the Library Board or staff.

-The Library Director reserves the right to deny the request of any applicant to use the Community Room for any reason deemed appropriate by the Director. Applicants unhappy with any decision made by the Library Director may appeal their application at the next regular meeting of the Library Board or request a special meeting of the Library Board via the Board’s President.


-The Community Room must be left in a neat and orderly condition, the same as or better than, the condition upon entrance. Charges for damage(s) beyond normal wear will be assessed to the group that had the booking of the Room at the time damage was incurred.

-Signs, balloons, decorations, etc. are allowed, but may not be attached to the walls or ceilings with any permanent or damaging hardware (i.e. nails, screws, pins, Command Strips, etc.) Signs may be posted on the door, or in the window in the door to the Community Room.

-Special setup will be done by the library staff for a $10 fee, so long as advance notice is given (48 hours prior to the event).

-Adult supervision of children, ages 17 and younger, must be provided during the entire time of contracted use. The library staff cannot and will not provide childcare services for the children of adults who are using the Community Room.

-Children’s gatherings are allowed but must be supervised by adults in the ratio of not less than one adult (a person at least 18 years of again) per ten children. “Children” is defined as age 17 and under. A responsible adult must sign the application and provide the appropriate contact information.

-The library assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents, injury, or loss of personal property on library property.

-Smoking, alcohol consumption, open flames, and animals (with the exception of service animals) are prohibited on library property.

-Refreshments may be served but food preparation and cooking are prohibited. Groups serving food are responsible for cleanup. Catering is allowed.

-A group may not use the library’s address as its address, primary or otherwise.

-The library staff will not accept calls or relay messages to people attending a Community Room event, except in case of emergencies.

-Failure to abide by these rules may result in suspension of use of the Community Room.